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Accuracy of the Motorola Defy smartphone for assessing physical activity and distance travelled

  • Presented on May 21, 2014

Purpose: The onboard accelerometers and global positioning system (GPS) receivers on modern smartphones offer considerable promise for the unobtrusive tracking of physical activity (PA) in population research; however, the accuracy of smartphone sensors for assessing PA is uncertain. The purpose of this study was to compare estimates of PA and ...

Effectiveness of a smartphone application for improving healthy lifestyles, a randomized clinical trial (EVIDENT II): study protocol

  • Published on March 14, 2014

Background: New technologies could facilitate changes in lifestyle and improve public health. However, no large randomized, controlled studies providing scientific evidence of the benefits of their use have been made. The aims of this study are to develop and validate a smartphone application, and to evaluate the effect of adding ...

Using SMS message and a Mobile Phone Application to Influence Physical Activity in Hispanic Adolescents

  • Presented on Nov. 1, 2013

Background Wireless technologies offer innovative and adaptive methods to intervene in real-time on health-related behaviors such as physical activity (PA). We have previously shown that a real-time intervention using KNOWME networks, a wireless body-area network with a mobile phone interface, was effective in increasing PA in Hispanic adolescents, a population ...