The Global Leader in Clinical-Grade Physical Activity Measurement Solutions

ActiGraph is a leading provider of objective physical activity and sleep/wake measurement solutions for the global scientific community. ActiGraph accelerometry monitors are the most widely used and extensively validated devices of their kind, and our innovative software platform provides the most comprehensive data analysis and management support in the industry.

About Us

ActiGraph is dedicated to providing our clients with highly accurate, innovative, and cost effective objective monitoring solutions to help them achieve their research and clinical data collection, analysis, and management objectives. Through close collaborative relationships with our clients, we strive to proactively identify trends and understand the changing landscape of our industry, allowing us to deliver cutting edge hardware, software, and data management solutions to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community.

Our Mission

ActiGraph's mission is to provide leading pharmaceutical, research, and healthcare organizations with innovative activity and sleep monitoring hardware, software, and data analytics and management solutions to improve study efficiency, data quality, and patient outcomes.

Our History

ActiGraph can trace the roots of its technology back to 1988, when a skilled team of professors and engineers collaborated to design a device for the United States Military capable of measuring the physical activity levels of troops in the field. This innovative ambulatory monitoring technology was acquired in 2001 by Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI), an aerospace and defense electronics system manufacturer based in Northwest Florida. After several years of technical refinements, design enhancements, and independent scientific validation, this “actigraph” device had generated enough interest by the global research community to justify the formation of ActiGraph in 2004.

In just over a decade, ActiGraph has become the internationally recognized industry leader in ambulatory monitoring systems with customers in more than 75 countries, a Scientific Advisory Board composed of world renowned experts and more than one million datasets collected on research subjects around the globe. Our monitoring systems are used by the world’s most prestigious scientific and academic institutions in a wide range of fields including health research, epidemiology studies, clinical trials, sleep research, sports medicine, and corporate wellness.

Our Clients

ActiGraph’s broad international client base consists of prominent universities, hospitals and medical centers, scientific institutes, pharmaceutical companies,
contract research organizations, sleep laboratories, wellness providers, and government agencies.

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