• ActiGraph Link
    The redesigned GT9X Link features our
    validated measurement technology
    plus a real-time display and gyroscope.
  • ActiLife Analysis Software
    ActiGraph's powerful and flexible data analysis platform.
  • CentrePoint Study Admin System
    Cloud-based software platform for simplified data collection,
    logistics support, and real-time site/subject monitoring.

Activity Monitors

ActiGraph devices are trusted by researchers at thousands of academic and scientific organizations in more than 75 countries.


ActiLife is ActiGraph's premier actigraphy data analysis software platform, used to configure activity monitors for deployment and to download, process, and securely manage collected ActiGraph data.

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CentrePoint Study Admin

ActiGraph's new CentrePoint Study Admin system is a secure cloud-based software platform that can be used as a standalone study management solution or in conjunction with ActiLife to deliver real-time subject data and solve logistical challenges associated with large multi-site research or clinical projects. The CentrePoint Study Admin system is highly customizable and available on a per subject, per term basis.

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Ideal for new users, ActiGraph custom solution packages contain everything you need to begin collecting objective activity data. Additional ActiGraph devices and accessories can be purchased separately.