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Latest Release of ActiLife


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This release addresses several usability issues with initialization and the API.


  • Show busy dialog when a device disappears during an automatic firmware update.
  • Store wear location for all devices that can accept it, not just Link.
  • Show product key when deactivating without an internet connection.
  • If a user's DPI setting is over 100%, ActiLife scales correctly.


  • Link initialization with subject feedback should always enable epoch collection.
  • Ensure the API doesn't hang during automatic firmware updates.
  • Calling USBList in the API works when there are more than one device connected.
  • ActiLife no longer crashes when creating a clinical report if there are no days with wear time.
  • In a shared user environment, ActiLife can now detect if it is already running on another user's login without crashing.
  • When loading sleep periods for an AGD, ignore ones that aren't in the file's epoch range.