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ActiLife Help Topics

Click the links below for help with specific ActiLife features:

Retrieving Your Version of ActiLife

If your product key requires you to run a certain version of ActiLife, you can find it here. Provide just your product key in the new page and you’ll be given a link to the version of ActiLife that your product key is able to be used with.

Retrieve ActiLife Installer by Product Key 

Reverting to ActiLife 5

If you’ve accidentally upgraded to ActiLife 6 and wish to revert back to version 5, simply click the link below to download ActiLife 5. You may need to type in your product key again. If you have any problems, contact our support team at ActiGraph will continue to support ActiLife 5 through 12/31/2012. After that time, support will not be available.

Click here to download ActiLife 5